December 29, 2017

SUBJECT: The Tundra Swans of Pool 8

Tundra Swan
Adult Tundra Swan

My sincerest apologies to my readers. Although it may appear I abandoned you, such is not the case. It's just been difficult finding time to do these posts. Furthermore, I need to spend this Winter redoing my websites which will not be a fun task.

At least this Autumn I was able to spend some time down on Pool 8 on the Mississippi River to enjoy the annual migration of the Tundra Swan. Last year, numbers were not very good as the waters through the Dakotas and into southern Canada stayed unfrozen until some time in December. This made for a very sluggish migration. This year, the weather was more normal-like (whatever that means nowadays) and the freezing of the waters to our northwest pushed the swans southward into our area.


Tundra Swans
A barge causes a disruption on Pool 8.

At the height of this year's Tundra Swan migration there were well over 10,000 swans on Pool 8. The sound of all of the swans is incredible!

If you are ever in the La Crosse, WI area during the height of fall migration, take a drive down Highway 26 to just south of Brownsville, MN. The FWS Overlook is a great place to view these birds. 

Pictures however do not do justice to the beauty of Pool 8 on the Mississippi and although nothing beats being there in person, I have put together a 4k video that not only highlights the Tundra Swans but shows the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that were scene along Pool 8 this fall.



—Alan Stankevitz


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