December 22, 2016

SUBJECT: Tundra Swans and Ducks in Snow

Pintail Ducks Flying in Snow
A flock of Northern Pintails fly in to join the crowd.

The Tundra Swans, geese and ducks have all fled for warmer climates as the Mississippi River has succumbed to Old Man Winter. After what was an exceptionally warm Autumn, the weather took a sharp turn during early December and caused a quick freeze-up of the river.

Before the final freeze-up on a rather snowy morning, Jo and I traveled down to the Brownsville Overlook to say good-bye to these birds until next year.

The snow made for some interesting images and after reviewing them I decided that black and white seemed more appropriate than color.

As I had stated in my previous post, this year was certainly a lackluster year for the swans. I'm sure the unseasonably mild Autumn weather had a lot to do with it. Let's hope next year is better.

Tundra Swan pair in flight in snow 

Tundra Swan coming in for a landing in the snow

tundra swan coming in for landing in the snow

ducks flying in the snow

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—Alan Stankevitz


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