August 27 , 2009

SUBJECT: More Fowl Fun with the Greater Prairie Chicken

greater prairie chicken

Moving right along... the week after I filmed the Sharp-Tailed Grouse, I headed to Buena Vista Grasslands near Stevens Point, WI to video the Greater Prairie Chickens. Similar to the grouse, the male prairie chickens dance and spar against other males in order to win the hearts of the female prairie chicken.

view from the blind

Photographs are great, but a video of this bird in action make the photographs come alive.

Using the Canon 5D Mark II camera and a pair of Sennheiser ME-67 microphones, I was able to get some nice video of the Greater Prairie Chicken.

(If you have a slow connection speed, you may want to put the video on pause until it completely downloads.)


--Alan Stankevitz




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