August 20 , 2009

SUBJECT: Dances with Sharp-Tailed Grouse

Sharp-Tailed Grouse

I'm slowly catching up on my videos and photographs from this spring. Back in April this year I had the pleasure to spend two days photographing and video taping Sharp-Tailed Grouse at Namekagon Barrens in northern Wisconsin.

This is a great place to witness the dance of the Sharp-Tailed Grouse. In the previous year, I had photographed these birds but trying to textually explain the dance of these birds just doesn't cut it. Video is much better!

Using the Canon 5D Mark II camera and a pair of Sennheiser ME-67 microphones, I am now able to bring the photographs to life. I hope you enjoy the following video of the dance of the male Sharp-Tailed Grouse.

(If you have a slow connection speed, you may want to put the video on pause until it completely downloads.)


--Alan Stankevitz




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