July 22 , 2009

SUBJECT: Walk Like An Egyptian

Driving down a rural road this spring, I spotted an American Woodcock just standing on the side of the road. As I drove past it I pondered if I should stop and take a picture of the bird. (That lasted a mere 50 milliseconds.) Of course I should take its picture!

Since it was a rural road, I put my car in reverse and backed up to where the bird was. My angle wasn't the greatest, so I decided to take my chances and turn the car in the middle of the road so I had the best lighting. This meant that my car was now sideways in the road, but hey...I wanted to get some good photos.

While I was making this maneuver with the car, the American Woodcock just stood there watching this crazy driver with a big lens sticking out of the window.

I began to photograph the bird when all of a sudden it starting doing this bobbing motion. Well needless to say, I had my Canon 5D Mark II in hand and immediately started to record a video. To my delight and surprise, the bird then proceeded to walk across the road doing its rendition of "Walk Like an Egyptian."

The video is a bit jittery since I had my lens/camera resting on a bean bag, but nonetheless I think you will enjoy this video to the music of "Walk Like an Egyptian" by The Bangles.

(If you have a slow connection speed, you may want to put the video on pause until it completely downloads.)


--Alan Stankevitz




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