June 19, 2014

SUBJECT: It's not always birds...How about some red fox kits?


red fox kit
That's one way to take care of an itchy nose! [4k Frame Grab - GH4.]

Occasionally other animals (besides birds) get in the way of my camera and especially when animals are young, they are cute! So when I had an opportunity this spring to video and photograph a red fox den, I decided to put down my bird book for a chance to capture these beautiful creatures.

For someone who's used to photographing birds, it was quite a switch. In the world of bird photography you're usually reaching for a very long lens. Usually the focal range of 500mm to 800mm is the norm. Not so for larger animals such as these kits.

Two red fox kits playing
A quick break in the action for a pose. [4k Frame Grab - GH4.]

Having a zoom is really a must when photographing animals that can rapidly move towards you or away from you. There's no time to take a teleconverter on or off. The Tamron 150-600mm lens came in handy once again.

Without further ado, here's a video of the red fox kits sleeping and playing. All was filmed in 4k video with the GH4, then downsized in post-production:

As always, it's best to view this video by downloading it off of Vimeo's website. Click on the Vimeo logo above, to view it on Vimeo's website. Then click the download button and right click over the "HD" option to save directly to your PC.


—Alan Stankevitz


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