March 26 , 2014

SUBJECT: River Sojourn

I'm proud to share with you a documentary featuring the artwork of Sarah Lubinski. Sarah is a wildlife artist who features paintings of the Driftless Area which includes our area in SE MN.

To make a long story short, I bumped into her and the KSMQ film crew who were documenting her story along the Root River just a few miles from our house. I explained to their crew that I was a local photographer/videographer who specializes in wildlife and nature. The station expressed some interest in my work and 6 months later, I can now show you the complete documentary that includes some of my work.

Without further ado please enjoy River Sojourn featuring Sarah Lubinski's artwork:

(Segments including birds, animals, fog, aerial fly-bys/ fly-overs and time lapse are my work.) 


—Alan Stankevitz


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