March 2 , 2008

SUBJECT: International Festival of Owls [Owl Photos]

This is the fourth year that I have attended the International Festival of Owls in Houston, Minnesota . It's a great way to photograph owls and more importantly make a donation to the Houston Nature Center.

This year's event had a few different owls that are not endemic to the United States: The Eurasian Eagle,Tawny and Spectacled Owls.

The Eurasian Eagle Owl is the world's largest owl, slightly smaller than a Golden Eagle and can be found throughout Europe and much of Asia. The Tawny Owl is a mid-sized owl and is the most common owl found throughout Europe.

At the indoor show on Saturday, we were also able to photograph a Spectacled Owl. This owl is found in the tropics of Central and South America but due to its warm climate natural habitat, we were unable to photograph this bird outdoors in a natural setting. All three of these unique owls were brought to the show from the World Bird Sanctuary located near St. Louis, MO.

In addition , The Raptor Education Group brought screech, saw-whet, barn, barred and great horned owls to the festival. There were certainly many owls to see at this year's festival.

And of course Alice was there too. Alice is a great horned owl who was permanently injured after a fall from her nest at 3 weeks of age. Karla Kinstler, Director of the Houston Nature Center became "owl mom" to Alice and the International Festival of Owls is held every year in early March to commemorate Alice's hatch day. So Happy Bird-Day Alice!

Below are a few photographs from the festival and owl photography session.


barred owl

Barred Owl


barred owl eyes

Barred Owl Feather Detail


Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern Screech Owl (Gray Phase)


Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl


Tawny Owl

Tawny Owl


Eurasian Eagle Owl

Eurasian Eagle Owl


Spectacled Owl

Spectacled Owl (Taken inside the gym on Saturday)


Barn Owl

Barn Owl


Barn Owl in flight
Barn Owl flying over the audience at the International Festival of Owls



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