February 18 , 2014

SUBJECT: Prothonotary Warbler Nest

Nothing gets rid of cabin fever faster than enjoying pics and video of birds from last summer's nesting season. While snow is still flying outside, grab a nice cup of hot chocolate and sit back and enjoy watching something else that flies...birds!

One of the joys of living near the Mississippi River near La Crosse, WI is being able to watch Prothonotary Warblers. Not only are they beautiful warblers, they also nest in our area. One of the few species that do in the Coulee Region. There are only two species of warblers in North American that nest in tree cavities: Lucy's and the Prothonotary. The Prothonotary Warbler really like the river birch along the Mississippi and they are always on the lookout for abandon woodpecker nests.

They are incredibly fun to watch and are rather tame too. I look forward every year to hearing their call and keep an eye out for nests along the Mississippi River.



prothonotary warlber



Prothontary Warbler



prothonotary warbler



prothonotary warbler


prothontary warbler



prothonotary warbler


To close this entry out, here's a 2-minute video of these birds in action...Enjoy!


—Alan Stankevitz


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